Capital District Humane Association (CDHA) rescues many dogs and cats from animal shelters, where they are subject to euthanasia if they're not adopted.  As a no-kill organization, CDHA spends whatever time it takes to find the right home for each animal.  Whenever we find that "ideal" match we celebrate the hours of phone calls, adoption clinics, home visits and whatever else has gone into making that adoption a successful one.  The letters and photos from happy adopters are one of our rewards. 


Polly is doing great, she's a super sweetheart. Her and Jasper are totally in love, they play together all day long and she has mellowed him out a lot. :-) She's going back to the beach today, she really loves to swim, chase toys in the water and even go on the occasional kayak ride.


Wonderful Willow has come a long way in the almost two years she’s been with us. She no longer uses the pitiful howl when she thinks we’ve left her alone in the house. She does squeal when she wants to greet both human and canine friends. The squeal does upset some, it’s ear piercing. I think it’s cute, husband, not so much. She still likes pillows but uses them for the purpose intended and not to hide under. She loves her walks, baseballs and tennis balls. She can find a baseball that is in the woods buried under leaves, an amazing talent! We returned a dozen that she did not damage just last week. We still have over a dozen to play with not counting the ones that are no longer recognizable as baseballs. It is a familiar story but she did rescue me. She’s just perfect! for all you do.


I just want you to know that Rosebud, or Rosebutt, as we call her, is really doing great. As we've gotten to know her, we've learned about her quirks... and possibly why she ended up as a Rescue J. She's cute, spunky and has attitude to spare. She has her quirks, but she's just perfect, absolutely PERFECT for Us. We love her bunches. Thanks so much for all you do.

~ Patty G.


Connor is such a joy! What a great buddy he is for Mai Tai! I love him to death!


Lucy and me “working” as SPCA volunteers. Lucy is a therapy-dog and visits places such as the Ronald McDonald House.


Lilah came to a home with 5 cats, but because of her diminutive size everyone is getting along wonderfully. Lilah has decided that if the cats can be lap cats she wants to follow suit and be a lap dog. She is frequently being held and carried around the house, which she has grown very fond of. We adore her and could not have asked for or gotten a better dog for our family. She has a wonderful fenced in yard to play in and enjoys her outings to Petsmart on Sundays. Thank you all for taking such good care of her prior to her selecting us as her forever home. (I do believe she picked us as she leaped over the backs of 2 large Labs at Terry's home to make sure we didn't forget her, before we left to deliberate on which dog would be best). I think she was saying pick me!! Pick me! Boy are we glad we did.


My wife and I adopted Charlie the Bassett in June. I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that he's doing wonderful and to thank you again for everything. We love Charlie to pieces and he has fit into our family perfectly. Sometimes his hound nose can find him some trouble, but other than that he's awesome. A big big Thank You to everyone at the Capital District Humane Association for everything you've done. Thanks again!!


Now you can see why we call her our "Willow Pillow Princess". She's doing great. Learns more all the time and will be getting the last of her Lyme shots on the 16th.


Emitt, a darling little mixed breed adopted from CDHA this past year, got dressed for Halloween. His family wanted to share this comical photo. Costume or not, he is adorable.
Julia Geuther


Update on my little Riley! He is doing so well! His teeth were in bad shape and the vet seemed to think he had been chewing on furniture or something hard for nurishment wherever he was abandoned. Luckily, he is in doggy heaven now--meaning having the time of his life!! We go to the dog park three times a day! He gets a long with my new rescue kitty Lulu. They actually roll around together. He is the love of my life and I have spoiled him the way he should have always been. He sleeps every single night under the covers with me. Thanks again for making this happen. It was the perfect match! I love love love him!



Hi Everyone, Two years ago, today, we adopted our wonderful dog, Sugar, from the Capital District Humane Association in Albany, NY. Pat and I are so happy to have her, and we wanted to share that feeling with you. Sugar (see attached pics) now lives with us in a townhouse complex around a man-made lake in Nicholasville, KY. She has a complete panoramic view of every movement that takes place in the courtyard around the lake. She has a great life. And so do we. Take care, Pat and Steve

Barley (Bubba)


Hello All! I wanted to provide an update on our adopted dog "Barley" aka Bubba. It is very difficult to put into words how happy this wonderful dog has made us but I will try. When we adopted him in November of 2009 he was already a well behaved, good natured dog who was very much loved by his previous owner. He needed to lose a few pounds and also was in need of vet care but we took care of that in short order. He has lost 10 lbs thru diet and exercise and looks and feels several years younger!

He has been hiking with us, camping and seems to be a big fan of visiting the beaches of Maine. He likes to cuddle on the couch, likes his belly rubbed and loves going for walks back to the pond near our home. He does something that resembles swimming but I think he is actually touching bottom!

Adopting him has touched my sole in so many ways. Myself and my family love this dog more than we knew could be at all possible. My hat goes off to the volunteers at the CDHA. You should know the work that you have done to match animals in need with willing owners has been so very rewarding for both me and my loyal dog Barley. Thank You!


Here is the newest picture of Tilly lounging on my bed with her new haircut. She is such a wonderful dog, so sweet and loving to us and to our other schnauzer Elliot. They both already act like brother and sister. I am thankful that we finally got her and that she has made a great transition into our home. I cannot say enough about the support, information and help we received in the adoption process. Thanks so much again for bringing Tilly into our lives.

-Chris L.

Cloe (Vixi)

A brief update on Cloe who has now become Vixi (short for Vixen - "a female fox" - because she's "foxy," and she's built and moves like a red fox and is white like an Arctic fox). It took her no time at all to learn her new name! She so cute and super soft, just gotta loves those ears! She's lots of fun, loyal, loving, smart, eager to please, quick to learn, and just plain quick! She's already conquered a large number of commands and is quick to understand the house rules, though her nose has gotten her into trouble a couple times. We discover new quirks every day, such as her love of chasing water drops from the hose!!! She's met all the family members and thinks they are all great, and gets along well with Gemma, my daughter's Russell Terrier, who visits often. They have become good walking partners and share all their toys, though when one thinks the other has the best chew toy, they both will plot and wait for the opportunity to "steal" it away, only to have the other do the same minutes later. She's already been to our daughter's grooming shop and was a well-behaved client. We are planning to enroll her in an obedience class and then an agility program for both Vixi and Gemma. I'm sure she'll be a star with her speed and agility! She did have her first vet visit and started off happy enough, but definitely became suspicious, even growled warily a couple times when being examined, but no nipping or showing her teeth, and responded well when corrected. We're planning to go to the vets every now and then just to stop in and visit, ask her to do some commands and reward her, so she gets used to it . . . not sure if she had a bad experience previously. She is sometimes a bit shy when meeting new people and other times not. The more we socialize her, the more relaxed she gets. We can't thank you enough for your honesty and helpful advice during the adoption process. All in all, she fits right in and is already a beloved member of our family! Thanks so much to all the people at The Capital District Humane Association - Jennifer, Diane, Jennifer (Chelsea's volunteer handler at PetSmart), and Cloe's foster mom - for going that extra mile to help "Vixi" find her forever home! Roxane and "Vixi" (and all the family, too!)



We just love Jebbie. Thank you so much!


We'd be honored if you used the picture of Bean for the 'success stories.' It definitely turned out to be a perfect match! He may just be the most spoiled dog on the planet. And he knows it, too! : ) We will definitely keep in touch, continuing to send updates on Beansie. Keep up all the wonderful work you do. The animals are so fortunate to have people like you that work so hard to find them good homes. Little Bean has brought us so much joy - he's the perfect mix between angel and devil all wrapped up in cuteness. Thank you again so much!!


Allie is with out a doubt--amazing--she is so smart-she knows the difference between four toys. If I tell her go get bunny-she goes and gets bunny. If you throw all four toys and say which one to get---she'll get the right one...She is so loving and kind, what a joy in
my life. I thank-you so much. I'll be in touch... Love Sheryl and Allie





Hi, Jen. Timmy is such a riot! Love him, thanks!

- Leslie



After adopting Oreo in September 2009 I just can’t picture life without her. I feel lucky every day when I come home and have her waiting for me at the door to happily great me! She is loyal, obedient, smart, affectionate, and she does always strive to please me and my boyfriend. Even though she had some minor territorial problems in the beginning I was able to nip it before it escalated by becoming a pack leader.
It was a lot easier to do then I expected. Now Oreo is very calm and balanced. Oreo’s former foster parents Cody and also Marie went above and beyond by providing me with great advice answering any questions I had following the adoption about minor behaviors that were coming up. I think it is great how dedicated the volunteers
I worked with are before and after the adoption process (especially Cody). They continue to strive for the well-being of their former foster dogs by providing whatever knowledge they have to adopters before the dogs are adopted and then they are readily available afterwards if their advice is sought. It is comforting to know that with CDHA, nothing is hidden about the dogs so that adopters are prepared for many
of the behaviors that can come up and former foster homes readily suggest any strategies they have that can help.

Jennifer Akin




Thought you might enjoy a holiday update. Biff is such a wonderful dog. He loved helping pick out the Christmas tree and truly loved the snow. He's asleep at my
feet while I type. We all couldn't imagine life without him. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Take care,

Sandy Miller




Hi Jennifer. I just wanted to follow up with you regarding our adoption of Riley last month. I told you I would send some photos so I have attached a few. He is coming along wonderfully and I see improvement in him everyday. He is finally starting to have the energy of a young dog and his coat is coming in beautifully. He is still on medication and is seeing the vet regularly, but again, there's a huge improvement during the month we've had him. He's a wonderful pet that I feel truly blessed to have each and every day. Thanks so much for making him part of our family.




CDHA helps many people and their pets throughout the year.  Frequently, veterinarians refer clients to us.  In the case of "Dudley," his mistress wanted to provide him with the medical care he needed, but at this time couldn't afford to pay for the full treatment.  CDHA was glad to assist.....

Hello every one, this is Dudley again, I just wanted to inform you all of my surgery, I just had my surgery on may 13, 2009, everything went well. And for the most part I'm feeling better, but my leg is still kind of sore, my mom is taking the best care of me, she is home with my 24-7, she took a leave of absence from school for 2 weeks so she can be home with me, I  go back to the vet on May 22,2009 so they can remove the staples in my leg. I just want to say Thank You again, CDHA for helping us.


Dudley & Mary Wescott


I just had a birthday, and decided to donate my gift to the CDHA, rather than buy something I really don't need. We've had Tex for a year now (may 15th), and the time has flown! Every day is pure pleasure with him. He's the best dog! He makes us laugh, at least once a day. I've enclosed some pictures. Tex doesn't photograph too well, with that little black face! He and our other dog, Milo, are best friends. Our BEST to all of you!

~ Shar Rodd


 We love our new addition to the family. She is looking forward to her first christmas in her new home.

~ John, Jennifer, Staines and Chloe (formally "Rascal")


I asked my mom to write an update and send a picture to you on the anniversary of my being adopted. My name is Timber and I have a forever home!

I live with my mom and dad and Ginger, who is a cairn terrier, too. She and I have become good friends and I love having her with me. I have a lovely big back yard to run around in and enjoy chasing the squirrels that dare to come down the trees. There are some warm, sunny spots where I can sprawl out and relax next to the flowers. I don't play ball very much, but I have a good time watching Ginger run around like a crazy thing after that ball. I prefer sunning myself on the soft grass.

It was such a big change from living in a barn! I was scared at first and stuck really close to my new mom, but I feel very comfortable now and have the run of the whole house. Instead of sleeping in a barn, I now get to sleep on my mom and dad's bed with Ginger! I get good food and treats every day along with a daily walk with Ginger. I guess you'd say I've been spoiled!

I send my thanks to CDHA, who took care of my while I was in-between homes. I'll never forget the love and care they gave me. Thanks for being there for pets like me who don't get the best start in least we get a new leash on life (tee hee), thanks to all of you!


Timber, Joanne and John Razzano


Chester was given to a woman by her neighbor who was losing his apartment and just dropped chester off, the nice lady called one of the volunteers (cody) from CDHA to foster him and find him a good home. Which indeed he found a good home. As recently reported Chester is doing great in his new home, is finally housebroken , and loves his beagle friend. Hooray for Chester and his new family.

"Probably the biggest mistake we made is letting him in our bed. "

~ Theresa Maloney


Hi, we adopted one of your cats back in Nov. of 2007, 1 month after the passing of our beloved feline of 14 years..His name was Apache and he was found up in Warrensburg near a trailer park. He had apparently been abandoned and a neighbor took and interest in him and got him to your organization. We adopted him on his first day and only 10 minutes after he was available to be adopted.. WOW.. was that quick or what! When we got him home he wouldn't acknowledge the sliding glass doors leading out on the patio or even a window for 6 months! Even when we took him outside he scrambled out of our arms and back into the house. He wanted no part of the outside world.. so we decided to let him choose on his terms. It took about 9 months and his interested peaked..well, it's now over
1 1/2 years and he loves the outside.. He made friends with the cat next door, and they are best buddies..they hang out together all day.. it's really cute. On a more personal note, we changed his name to Wilson (from Castaway) because he was casted away.. and as for his personality.. what a doll! He is the most affectionate cat I have ever met.. He constantly rolls over on his back.. puts both front paws up in the air when he wants to be picked up.. Like a little kid..follows me everywhere , loves to be brushed and massaged (with the electric massager ) and gets ornery when you stop..we whistle for him to come home and he comes running..I think he is part dog.. Anyway, he is well loved and he knows it. He gives us so much in return I can't help spoiling him...

Thanks so much for allowing him to be in our lives.. we all win...and one very happy kitty thanks you.

P.S. On the day we adopted him, we were so excited, we forgot to go to a wedding that afternoon!

Thank you
Tedie Lascaris



Greetings CDHA,

I was adopted on 2/7/09 from CDHA. My shelter name was “Ella”. My new mom, Dad (he’s in Iraq), and sisters named me Taysa, which means “new beginning to life”. They thought it really fit me. I had been caged for a year so they say. The first day mom kept me quiet, to relax and smell the scents. The 2nd day I met my sisters, 1 smooth Chihuahua, 2 long hair Chihuahuas and my 18 year old Siamese sister also. We all got along famously. I actually went to them more than my mom at first. They have been showing me the ropes; showing me that I can trust living here and trust the 2 legged creatures called humans, also the ones that visit us once in awhile. When I am in my safe areas I do let them pet me. Feels Good!

Well as the weeks have gone by I get new toys to play with. Love that Catnip! Mom plays with me also-A LOT. She throws balls or my mice and I fetch them. I also play by myself or with my sisters. Sometimes they slobber on my mouse so mom picks it up to dry it out. I don’t go to my safe petting areas as much. I love the petting and rubbing of the belly thing. Just, when it is someone I haven’t seen for awhile. I got to my safe zones. I do talk now for mom a lot.

Life is good, food is fine. Sunning myself is great; looking out sliders and windows is good too. My playmates-I LOVE. What more could you ask for! Oh yeah.. I can actually look forward to meeting my new Dad instead of hearing him talk to me from Iraq on the webcam. That will be happening in June Mom says.

When mom says "night-night" to us we all go upstairs to bed and pick our spots. Sometimes I sleep right next to mom or at her feet. I still don’t like to be picked up yet, but in time maybe I will. I do like to go on to laps for the petting.
Like I said my name suits me “A new beginning to Life” Cat’s meow and how!!!!

Thanks CDHA,

Taysa & my new family
Check out pictures of me and my sisters.

( Cooper-Formerly Reece)


“I am amazed at how well Cooper has acclimated to our home, which includes an eleven year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, cat, guinea pig, and two children. As someone who had never before adopted a dog, I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, the foster mother “Patti” who we worked with was a wonderful guide through the entire process and provided us with constructive and honest feedback about Cooper that helped make the transition from foster home to forever home manageable and stress free. Thanks to this knowledgeable and caring person we knew what to expect and were prepared. Cooper has greatly enriched our lives even in this short period of time. He is well behaved and fun loving, loyal and affectionate, and an all round wonderful companion. We are so happy this journey is finally over for this sweet and loving dog. We are grateful to the committed foster families at CDHA for rescuing dogs like Cooper, thank you!”

- Erin and Doug, Glens Falls, NY




Hi Guys,

It's me, Buddy (aka Parker). Just want to let you know I am doing great in my new home. I have been here one year and am so happy! As you can see I am very spoiled and loving it!!! I love my new mom and dad, and they love me a lot. Don't worry about me any more. Thanks for finding me a great new home.

Love ya,


To All Pet Lovers,

I had adopted my kitty for CDHA.
Winkie was born with pneumonia which settled in her right eye. They had to be remove but she plays, and is loving and such a wonderful kitty.
I urge all of you to take a second look back when you are at Petsmart or any other humane organization to adopt one of God’s precious creatures and give them a happy and loving home.

Julie Caswell


Dear Friends (CDHA),

I am writing this to tell you about my new home and my new Mommy—Dawn. She is taking very good care of me. The food is yummy and I have a nice home to play and sleep in. My mommy has gotten me some fun toys and I’ve made toys from rolled up tape and paper bags. Mommy has some new nicknames for me like “Little Monkey” because of how I climb on her shoulders. And “Nusse” which is an endearing Norwegian term meaning “sweet one” (My grandma is for Norway and I can’t wait till I meet her). My grandma has a cat that is the same color as me named Max. But I haven’t met him yet as he lives in another state. I am being taken care of very well and my Mommy hopes that I continue to grow strong and healthy. I know I will. I hope that my friends out there find as happy a home as I have. I can’t believe that I have been with my new Mommy for 7 weeks already—but time flies when you’re giving fun—Hee! Hee! By the way, my new name is “Sophie” and I like it a lot.

Well, bye for now,
Your friend, Sophie




We adopted Bailey in January after losing our previous dog. We could not ask for a better dog. He is amazing and wonderful. We wouldn't trade him for anything!


"Tigger and Lola"



Tigger came to live with us on July 25, 2007. He is one of sweetest cats that ever existed. He is very low key and not at all high maintenance. He loves to look out windows and sleep in his kitty condo. He also loves the furminator. He waits for me in the morning for his treats and is my official greeter when I walk in from work. I am so happy that Tigger has his forever home with us now.


Lola is a 3 year old Boston Terrier who is an absolute love bug. I was so happy the day she came to live with us. She has some of the funniest tricks I have ever seen in a dog. She twirls in a circle standing straight up on just her hind legs when she wants a treat. She has a wonderful personality and the sweetest disposition. She ahs a younger brother, Mustang, who is also a Boston Terrier. They act as if they have known each other all their lives and they seem to be a perfect match. I am thrilled everyday when I see Lola and so happy she is such an important part of my life.




"My family and I started looking for a dog to add to our family in mid-May. We saw several postings and were immediately drawn to a lab/hound mix named Foster. I e-mailed the girl who was fostering him for CDHA and she told me all about him. While he was being neutered and fixed up from being on the streets, his foster mom and I stayed in touch and we met him and we all fell in love with him. We brought him home and he is the absolute best dog a family could ask for. He is very obedient, he gets along with my other pets and is great with my children. A big thank you to the Capital District Humane Association for being so responsive to all my questions about Foster. We couldn't be happier with him"



"Finally, a photo of Buddy! He is such a wonderful little guy, who gets along with everybody and he is a great companion. We are lucky to have him! Thanks!"


"Marie and everyone at CDHA,

I would like to thank everyone there at CDHA for all your hard work that each of you do each and everyday! We adopted Macey (formerly Mittsie) at a cat and kitten adoption clinic back in October of 2007. She has brought such joy and love into our lives. She is the most loving and Charismatic kitten we have ever met! She was the best choice for us! Enjoy these pictures of her that we've sent. Thank you again and keep up the wonderful job.

Stacey, Matt, & Macey"



Danny is a 2 year old grey male kitty, a real sweetheart! He loves to curl up in a little ball and purrs when you rub his back as he sleeps!  If you came to visit him, he would not hesitate to come up and play with you!

Danny was found wandering the streets of NY city by a shelter with a small wound on his hind leg, in addition to his older fractured right hind leg which gives him a slight limp when he walks. He has been to the Vet and has had all shots, neutered, and is very healthy despite is little limp.

Danny has overcome all of these misfortunes, and now has his own home in
Nassau NY!



He doesn’t seem to be letting the bandage or the injury bother him too much. I went to go take a picture of him and he immediately forced himself to get up so that I can take a picture of him. He loves to be petted and just likes being close to some human comfort. When I started to close his kennel he went back to the back of his cage and sat back down but I decided to stay with him a little while longer and he turned around to stay at the edge close to me loving the attention that he was getting.

Howard went through a lot & now has a great life.



The horrible things some people do to animals are simply unbelievable. Poor Allison (A749915), a 1 year old female, came in as a stray on 2/22 bearing the evidence of her terrible treatment. It appears that someone cut off her ears with a pair of scissors! It’s just unfathomable why someone would put a cat through such pain. Even though Allison will always bear the scars inflicted by cruel people, her wonderful personality has escaped unharmed. She’s just about the nicest cat you could imagine, always wanting to meow a friendly hello and curl up in your arms.

She now has a wonderful home with a very special family. She only weighed 4 lbs when I got her. She is doing fine. She is now gaining weight and is very happy in her new home .She is a very sweet cat with a happy ending!



About a year ago, CDHA placed a darling Beagle named "Toby" with a family who wanted a nice, family pet. We just received this update from his family:

Dear Jennifer,

        I wanted to send you a picture of Toby from our last vacation last week in Vermont. Please enjoy it as well as post it on the "Success Stories" page. Toby (we call him Tobias) has been like a second child to us and a little brother to our son Rohin. We simple cannot imagine life without Tobias. Thank you for bringing Tobias to us and for all the wonderful work you do every day...



CDHA recently found a new home for Maya, a sweet German Shepherd. Her new owner wrote, saying that she is enjoying her large, fenced yard and is getting along well with both his cats. She's a very good girl and no trouble at all. Maya sleeps in a cedar bed next to him and even goes to bed before he does!


Nemo, which means "no one" in Latin, came to CDHA when his family had financial problems and could no longer take care of him. He is such a loving fellow that he would lick your hands, give "kitty kisses," and purr nonstop. He quickly became a favorite with our volunteers, who were thrilled when he was adopted, yet hated to see him leave. His family loves Nemo and wanted us to have a picture of him lounging in the lap of luxury.


Bill and I have been meaning to give you a progress report on Bailey, and now that we are settled into our new home we also wanted to apprise you of our new address. As you may recall, we adopted Bailey (a standard poodle) Labor Day weekend in 2004 from the Capital District Humane Association's adoption clinic at PetSmart in Latham. When we met him that day, we knew we had to give him a permanent home. Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our lives!

In the beginning, he was quite shy and anxious, particularly around men. It saddened us to think about what he must have experienced in his former homes, but we were determined to help him adjust to his new life. Although Bailey had obviously received some training in one or both of his former homes, we were told that participating in an obedience program with him would help us bond with no problem. We then participated in a basic agility program during the spring of 2005. Finally, he and I spent last summer taking a course to prepare us for the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certification exams. I am pleased to report that Bailey and I passed both exams in August, and we are now certified as a therapy team! The joy that Bailey has brought to our lives is now being shared with others. Bailey and I volunteer at St. Margaret's Center (a skilled nursing facility for children and young adults), which is a member of the Center for the Disability Services family and where I am a board member. Bailey is very friendly to all of the day program participants, residents, and staff and remarkably careful around those who are especially frail. The look on their faces when we visit is priceless!

We want to thank you for all that you did to facilitate Bailey's adoption and for all that you continue to do to help dogs, cats, and other animals in the Capital District find good homes. I have enclosed several photos of our precious Bailey, with the most recent ones first. He is enjoying our new home, complete with a fenced backyard with plenty of room for his favorite sport--playing ball--lots of big windows to look out, and plenty of birds and squirrels to chase.

We feel so lucky to have Bailey and encourage others who are considering a pet to adopt. They could end up just as fortunate as we are to have gained a best friend!


                                                                                         Rusty and Beverly  

CDHA faces many challenges in the placement of the homeless animals in the adoption program. Rusty was one dog none of us will ever forget. He originally came to us as a five-month-old-puppy. His original owner had acquired him from a pet store and subsequently mistreated Rusty. Ten months later we still had Rusty, and no one expressed any interest in adopting him--mostly because he was so energetic, that all potential adopters saw was a whirling dervish with wiry red hair. It took our volunteers all they could do to handle him. Then the fortunate day came when a kindly couple decided Rusty was the right dog for them. After our usual interviews and screening, Rusty went to his new home, but not for very long. The dreaded day came, several months later. Rusty, despite their best efforts to train him, was just "too much." All of us at CDHA were heartbroken for Rusty. We were also frustrated because you can't take the terrier out of a terrier, and Rusty (a terrier mix) had the typical energy level of many animals his breed type. Once again no one gave him a second look. It wasn't until a "Beverly" called that Rusty's fortunes changed for good. She was interested in this dog and wanted to meet him. However, despite our desire to place Rusty, we were extremely cautious. We advised Beverly that Rusty could be a terror. "Well," she said, "dogs should be energetic."
         The next clinic arrived, and it was hectic with dogs for adoption and potential adopters when one of our volunteers excitedly announced that someone had come to see Rusty, and she seemed like a good home. It was Beverly, armed with her photo album of pet pictures of beloved pets from the past. She marveled over Rusty and thought he was just the most wonderful dog. Could she adopt him?
          Beverly and Rusty and a perfect match. It's the perfect ending we always dreamed of for him. Each time we receive pictures we smile with pleasure and thank Beverly for giving Rusty a chance.

Three years ago CDHA found homes for nearly one hundred Standard Poodles. Some of the people who adopted one Poodle returned to adopt another (it's difficult to stop with one Standard Poodle). Bell and Toby were two of those fortunate Poodles who went on to live the "good life". Their owner says, "Right now Toby is cuddled on our family room sofa alongside me and right next to Belle. Talk about your dog's life! We're looking to relocate to the south shore of L.I. so pretty soon not only will they be "sea bums' but 'beach bums'!"


Alicia and her standard poodle "Nikki" Adopted from CDHA in 2003

Alicia writes that Nikki and she went through training so Nikki could get her certification as a therapeutic dog.  She now works with Alicia at her office two times a week and is great with children and adults.

"I (we) thank you and the Capital District group for your dedication and wonderful work."


Rusty, a three-legged Rottweiler mix, who had been severely neglected before CDHA rescued him, won the hearts of whoever met him.  At our adoption clinics he would offer his paw to anyone who passed.  His endearing ways and soulful eyes made it easy to fall in love with rusty.  His new family agree.  They write, "It's been two months since we adopted Rusty and we couldn't be happier.  He is a delight - playful, well behaved and seems to love his family as much as we love him.

You are miracle workers - thank you for saving him and letting him become part of our family!"


Rommel (or "Rommy"), a German Shepherd, came to CDHA about a year and a half ago.  He's thriving in his new home, and his family sent us his photo with a note to say how much they love him.  For all our hard-working volunteers, this is the reward: knowing we've made a good match.


Last spring CDHA took in "Minnie" , a German Shepherd and her eight, day-old puppies.  Eight weeks later, Minnie and her sons and daughters went to their new homes.  "Josie", one of Minnie's daughters, is pictured.  Her family writes, "My son and Josie are like bother and sister.  Thank you so much for helping us complete our family!"


"I just wanted to let you know that we are thoroughly enjoying our new puppy, Sadie Mae Jane.  We adopted her through CDHA from her mom Minnie.

She is a wonderful dog.  She not only hangs with me during the day in my office, but goes to work with my husband several hours a week. She also brings joy to my elderly neighbors who lost their 13-year-old lab this past winter.  They can't handle adopting their own puppy, but come and take Sadie almost every day for a walk and some treats.  Everyone loves her!  Best of all is the relationship she has with our immediate family.  She has formed a significant bond with our 11 year-old son.  He loves to play with her and to just sit and let her chew her toy on his lap.  Our other 13 year-old son has a nice bond with her too.  And finally, my husband and I have a wonderful time watching her, walking and playing with her.  A whole lot of joy.  Thanks very much, Lela, Jon, Zach and Josh"

Nearly a year ago Lela, Jon, Zach, and Josh adopted Sadie from CDHA. They recently sent us an adult photo of her and wrote, "We can't thank you enough for bringing Sadie into our lives. She's a wonderful dog and a loyal companion."

Sadie May Jane at One Year old



Lyle - Where we walk every day

1st day at the beach

"Lyle", another standard Poodle adopted from CDHA found a wonderful home in Connecticut.  His owners write:

"We could not be happier..."


"A quick note to say Hello and thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt 'Danny'.  He is such a doll!  Every day brings more love and fun for him.  He is S-P-O-I-L-E-D!  He is getting quite fluffy!  Take care!  We will stay in touch."

"I thought I would update you all on our lives with Danny. As we approach the one year anniversary of our adoption, Danny is really coming into his own. He is the most wonderful addition to our family. He has become very playful. HE likes our other dogs, and he even likes me now, and now just Anita. He has filled such a void in our lives since we lost Frasier (one of our Frenchies) that I don't know how we got on before without him. Anita loves him so much! This picture shows Danny with his hair grown out. Anita has now just had him clipped and he looks like a puppy again.




"We're having a blast with Max.  We adopted him from CDHA on May 14th and he has settled in with absolutely no problems.  Our 14 year-old beagle mix and our two cats treat him like 'a brother'.  He is always eager to please and makes our heart melt with those big brown eyes.  We love him!!  Max certainly lives up to  his name - he does everything "to the max".  From chowing down his food to running like the wind at the doggie park, to climbing up on the windowsill like the cats, he does everything in high gear.  Last weekend Max went on a new adventure - camping with his family.  He did very well and greeted all our friends with all the enthusiasm that is uniquely his.  Thanks, CDHA for giving us Max. 

Maximum love, Maximum devotion!



"Bud" came from a local animal shelter.  Unfortunately, no one wanted him.  One look at him told us that he deserved a good home, and that's just what he got.  Bud's family says, "He just loves it here and we love him - he is the love of our lives!"

Bud's family writes CDHA often and give us "love reports." Just recently they wrote: "Just a note to let you know Bud is doing well. He is healthy and very happy. He loves spending time 'cuddling' on the couch with his mommie, playing in the yard and taking his squeaky newspaper for a walk. ...He is such a joy. We really love him. Thank you again for helping us find him."

--Madeline and Lori



Gerard, the Mountain Climbing Poodle

I adopted Gerard, a Standard Poodle, through the CDHA in December 2002.  I recently found your website while looking for other Standard Poodles.  I thought you might enjoy seeing another success story.  I absolutely LOVE Gerard.  He is the perfect companion and the sunshine of my life.  Most every weekend we hike and backpack together.  He is becoming famous in Adirondack hiking circles as the mountain climbing poodle.  It is amazing what he can do.  Its almost like he was born to climb mountains.  I am certain he will become the first poodle 46er (one who climbs all 46 Adirondack peaks over 4000 feet). 


Oliver was adopted a year ago.  His new owner writes that Oliver likes to go to his office with him and can be found sleeping on his desk or playing with a fake mouse in the middle of the floor.  He also says that Oliver likes car rides and is a very good passenger.


When Buddy was found by CDHA he was thin and his coat was full of burrs.  He's now the most gorgeous chow you've ever seen.  His adoring, new family have said they wouldn't take a million dollars for him.  "He's changed our lives!"


Sparky Fedigan's family loves him and Sparky loves them too.  Sparky originally was a shelter rescue when we took him in to save his life.


Casper, an old Terrier mix, lay huddled in his kennel at a local animal shelter, where he shook with fear.  His owner no longer wanted him, and on one else seemed to either because his time was running out.  It was at that point CDHA's vice president discovered him and called.  "Can we take him in?  He's got an unsightly-looking growth on his stomach and there's something wrong with his leg, but, don't worry, I'll pay for all his medical bills."

That's how Casper came to us - a ten to twelve year old, sweet dog who found a renewed joy life once he was on a leash and going for a walk.

We placed Casper in one of our foster homes and within two days of having him we received a call from a man named "Robert" who had seen him at the shelter.  He felt sorry for Casper and was told we had rescued him.  It seems that Robert's other dogs (He has several) are all older animals he's given a home.  He thought perhaps Casper would fit in also.

Robert's veterinary references were excellent, so we arranged a meeting with Casper, and Casper found his new home.  We think that this lucky dog had his own personal angel watching out for him.


Sam, a German Shepherd, was found by one of our volunteers and never claimed by his owners.  He had severe dermatitis and was flea infested.  He's since been adopted and is a healthy, happy dog.


Capital District Humane Association rescues all kinds of animals.  In addition to all the dogs and cats we've saved in this year, we also have taken and placed 6 chicken and 2 horses.


"Racer"                                                                   "Ben"

"Racer" was in the last stages of starvation when we rescued him.  "Ben" was also severely neglected.  Both have found permanent, loving new homes.

The cost of saving these horses was in the thousands of dollars.  If you would like to help us rescue future horses please send us a donation in Ben's or Racer's name.  Also, if you suspect a case of neglect of cruelty please contact us.  Your privacy will be honored in making such a complaint.  Call 664-1237.

Capital District Humane Association
P.O. Box 11330
Loudonville, NY 12211


The Capital District
Humane Association
PO Box 11330
Loudonville, NY 12211
(518) 664-1237

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