Sandy's Fund

We make happy endings come true: Sandy's Story...

Sandy, a neutered three year old Golden Retriever, had a gentle and loving disposition.  And a special problem...which we were able to solve.

Sandy had lost part of his front leg in a train accident.  Normally, three-legged dogs have no problem getting around.  However, Sandy lost only the part of his leg from the elbow down, and it was not properly mended by a veterinarian.  So Sandy kept falling over because he was trying to use the remainder of his injured leg as if it were normal.

In order to adjust to his loss and lead a normal, happy life, Sandy required an operation to remove the remaining portion of his leg.  Fortunately, the CDHA found a veterinarian who would perform the operation at the low cost of only $150.  However, being funded only by donations, we could not afford even that price.  So we publicized Sandy's plight in the Albany Times Union and the Saratogian in Saratoga Springs.

Within a week, we had raised over $2,000 for Sandy!  Thanks to the donations of many animal lovers, Sandy had his operation and the CDHA was able to place the rest of the money in "Sandy's Fund" -- a special savings account for Association animals in need of special medical care.

As for Sandy, he was soon placed in a good home with loving owners.

Although Sandy's story had a happy ending, there are many other unfortunate animals desperately in need of help.  You can help by making a contribution to Sandy's Fund.

To help us save sick or injured animals in our care, please send a contribution to Sandy's Fund.  Please mail your check, made payable to CDHA, Sandy's Fund to the following address:

Sandy's Fund
The Capital District Humane Association
P.O. Box 11330
Loudonville, NY 12211